Friday, 31 August 2018

Pocket tanks game download latest version for Android

Pocket tanks game description

Pocket tanks game is one of the best action games of the present time. In Pocket tanks game you have to fight with a dangerous tank. In the game, you have to use a tank to fight with the other opponent tank. The one will be the winner who will destroy the opponent tank first. You will have a lot of weapons to use and they include cruiser, skipper, Firecracker, Napalm, dirt mover and many more weapons are available in the shop. You have to get these weapons from the shop before the attack. You will be able to control the tank very easily and there are very simple methods to control the tank. You have to fire in the correct angle to destroy the other tank. Pocket tanks game is available free of the coast and you will be able to use nearly 40 deadly weapons. Pocket tanks game can be played online and you can challenge your friends also to win this game. Pocket tanks game can be upgraded to deluxe also and when you will do so then you will get extra 100 destroying weapons to destroy your enemies. You will also get a digger to save your tank under the ground. There will also be an option to get the support for expanding the weapons and that will be for both free and paid. Besides these all benefits you will also get Nanobots, sidekicks, funnel, gravity well, pillow fight, hot foot, popcorn, mudpie, fission bomb, cannonball, mega cruiser and warp gate. Pocket tanks game is very cheerful and colorful. Though it's not too much longevity and there are not different levels but you will enjoy this game a lot. So download the game app by clicking on the option below and start playing Pocket tanks game,

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