Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Mobdro App for Android latest Version download

Mobdro App description

Mobdro App is such an app which is designed to watch every kind of movies, dramas and all kind of tv shows in one click on your Android, tablet or a smartphone. Mobdro App is so popular that if you have it in your Android device then you don't need to buy a laptop or a tv to watch programs or movies. All of these can be watched on your device through Mobdro App. So this app is saving our lot of money as well as it is saving our time. This app is free as well as its premium version is always available in the market. The paid version contains some of the additional properties.

Free Version

The free version of the Mobdro App has got many features like you can watch every kind of sports as well as the news from all around the world. The free version gives you the option to mark your favorite programs. They will get separated in the favorites list and you can access your favorites whenever you want and you can delete them also. The recently watched stuff will also be available separately under the recently watched list. There are many different channels in this app which are live 24hrs, and when you enter into such a channel then you will be able to watch the program from there where it has reached and you can watch it also by scrolling it towards the beginning also. You can get access to the programs and movies in the multiple languages and you must pick a permanent language to get access to.

Paid Version

You can get access to some of the amazing features of Mobdro App in just 3.17$. In paid version of Mobdro App you have to upgrade it and the upgraded version of the Mobdro App will give you the real joy. In the upgraded Mobdro App you will get the sleep timer and chromecast support. You will get the cloud sharing abilities and live stream capture. You will also be able to download the videos to watch them even when you will not have access to the Internet. In case of any problem in your Mobdro App, you could also get direct help from the Mobdro App developers. So download Mobdro App from this page by clicking the download link below and enjoy.

Download Apk (Version 2.0.4)(20.9 MB)

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