Friday, 13 July 2018

Mobogenie app. Download apk for Android

Mobogenie app description

You must have heard about the great features of Mobogenie and therefore I had decided to write a post on Mobogenie app. This is a free app store and a manager for Android devices. This is free to install and after installation, it will start working for you in a few seconds. It has made up easy to back up and restore the important data into the pc also. Mobogenie app will make it easy for you to edit data, adding phone numbers and deleting useless numbers from your phone. Mobogenie app also enables you to download any sort of video, wallpaper and music from the web. Sktop manager of mobogenie is designed to manage your inbox. You can easily tidy up your inbox using Mobogenie app. You can also send one text message to many people at once. Now you should forget the worry of losing your Android because Mobogenie app will backup your all data in one click. When I saw this first time I took a breather of relief because when you lose your Android you lose all of your data and even you cannot bring your precious data back then that becomes the worse day of your life. You can manage your contacts, apps, SMS, music, pictures and videos connecting your Android to a PC through a data cable by using Mobogenie app. Through some of its great tools, you can open your SD card in the windows explorer, through which you can install the required apps directly.
While using Mobogenie app you will found tabs like Showcase, Games, phone, Apps, Music, Videos and Images. These features will make you ready to download, store and get access to these files easily. Here you can also get new apps for installation. Mobogenie app saves your cost on mobile internet and you also get the accessibility of controlling your Android from the desktop.

Download Apk ( Size 10.41 Mb)
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