Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Smart kik 360 APK for Android, Tablet and Smartphones

Smart kik 360 APK description

We always like those things which enable us to perform lot of different tasks. And tasks which are so important in our life. So here I am presenting Smart kik 360 APK which is designed to perform many different purposes for you which are very essential in the present world. So in this way, you will be free of tension regarding high storage of a lot of apps on your mobile phone. If Smart kik 360 APK is giving you the services of 40 different apps then your data storage will automatically get saved.

Smart kik 360 APK features are as under

  • All the tools and utilities in this app are arranged in such a way that you can find them easily by their categories.
  • Smart kik 360 APK performs the function of 40 apps. In short, there are 40 apps working for you in the form of Smart kik 360 APK.
  •  It can tell you whether your heart is working well or not by measuring your heart rate.
  •  Smart kik 360 APK can translate every kind of words into other languages.
  •  It has got different dictionaries for all the languages spoken on this planet. 
  •  It increases the speed of your mobile by automatically recycling the harmful files.
  • Smart kik 360 APK also helps your device save battery for you.
  • It corrects your direction to the correct place if you are travelling in an unknown place.
  • It also works like a digital magnifier by showing you the tiny things.
  • It will help you save your favourite clips by cutting them from big videos.
  • It also tells you whether there is a magnetic field around the mobile or not ( This is hard to believe!)
  • Smart kik 360 APK will also convert the units for you.
  • It tines the voices of different musical tools which is one of the tough tasks for the experts too.

So download Smart kik 360 APK now and enjoy.

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