Tuesday, 19 December 2017



Youtube is an amazing source of learning, entertainment and earning on internet. Every body tries to learn something new or learning for earning and everyone  likes entertainment. Its the part of human nature.

Youtube is a site where you can get every kind of movies,video songs and tutorials. People can learn new skills. People from every profession make videos, teach their skills and upload on the youtube. What do you think, what they get from making such videos? There is a one great reason.

By making videos beneficial to the people, they earn money. How? In youtube there is the option of making channels for your videos. If many people watch your channel, then you can fix adds to your videos by applying for adsense. When your adsense account gets activated, then the adds will start coming infront of your videos, and you will get money for per click on the adds by the people.

In this way, many people earn millions of dollars every month. The successful business of your videos depend on the uniqueness of your videos. The video should not be copyrighted. If some one complains to the youtube administrators about your stealing, then your whole Chanel will be suspended by the youtube.

Its not important that everyone upload videos for earning, but few people also do it for their popularity and to make others enjoy the beauty of videos and songs.

Every kind of videos, whether they are beneficial or harmful are available on Youtube. Therefore Youtube should be used only for the right reasons, otherwise someone can also learn the illegal things like robbery, hacking, stealing etc.

In the world many people are jobless, because of the majority of population and lack of the resources. There are many tutorials on the youtube, which teach the different and modern techniques of earning

money. If youtube is used in this way, then it can be said that no one will be left poor.

Youtube is free to use and you can also download whatever you want from it. It doesn't run without internet. Download youtube app from the above given link.
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