Monday, 18 December 2017

Nova legacy game apk.Learn and download today for your Android and smart phones

In this era many wonderful things have been discovered, and such realities have been explored, which no one has ever though before few centuries.

Among these realities, ufo's and aliens have been discussed so much. As you know that, in the history wars were fought between different countries and people of different castes to conquer the lands and the areas of each other.

And scientists claim that, this can also happen in future that the Aliens will come to conquer our planet. And there can be a Great War b/w humans and Aliens. This Android game Nova legacy is based on such a war.

In this game (Nova legacy) you have to protect the humanity as Kal Wardin. You will have the help of Yelena. She will be the personal Cortana of Kal .You have got digital grenades, scientific weapons and automatic guns to destroy the aliens.

You can also get their guns and use them after murdering the Aliens. The Nova legacy is very easy to play and this can be played also in the touch screen devices. There also the option of playing the Nova legacy online.

You must not have to get shot in the crossfire. In Nova legacy there is also the option of multiplayer matches and you can also set the passwords for private multiplayer games.

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