Friday, 22 December 2017

Google+ apk. Learn and download today for your Android and smart phones


Google+ is one of the best social media site. This is used by more than 1 billion people monthly world wide. Google+ lets you share your posts, and they can be seen by all the people who search according to the niche of your posts.

After getting in to the Google+ account, you have to add the curated circles according to your fields like news, media, fun etc.  In this way every person will get connected with you, who is interested in your field. In this way Google+ will keep you in touch only with the people of your field, and not with anyone else.

There are numerous communities on Google+ belonging to different categories. You can get lot of help from the professionals of your field and you will get your problems solved very easily; also you will learn whatever you want. You will get answers like this:

If your passion is Android and you love to write about Android apps and games or you are an Android Engineer, then I should congratulate you. Because the research has shown that the Android related people get more benefits from the Google+. Ask me why? Because Google+ is a site to help make Android better. You can also perform the beta testing of useful apps like CCleaner and Nova Launcher etc on Google+. This is because Google+ has been integrated with the playstore.

Google+ is the Social Layer of the services provided by Google, and if you want to have the beta testing easier then you must integrate your google account with Google+ and in this way it will enable you to share your data from other sites with Google+ easily. 

You will be able to see the most liked apps of your buddies in the google playstore and their positive and negative reviews will make you, select the right ones for yourself.

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