Monday, 18 December 2017

Google assistant app. Learn and download today for your Android and smart phones


Google has made the Google assistant app to make your life more easier, and to save your time in this busy era. How? I'll give you the simple example. You know that It takes time to put out your cell phone and push the on button, type a password to unlock it, and then do your work. Now you don't need to do it. By installing the google assistant app you can just give you mobile the command by your voice to open and it will automatically open.

Can you believe that google assistant app can solve the mathematical questions for you? I think no. But congratulation to us that google assistant app is enable to solve simple mathematical questions for as well, by its artificial intelligence.

Google assistant app works for you as a servant to whom you just order, and he acts according to your order. Google assistant app is a blessing of God especially for those who work very hard the whole day, and get fainted after work and feel tired even to see a message on their mobile.

By ordering the google assistant app, you can open the messages, calls, emails and every other apps you want; just give a voice command to the google assistant app. If you are bored and you want to see some refreshing pictures, just order your google assistant app and It will do the job for you by searching on google.

If you are in a mood of some fun,  and you don't know the location of that place, google assistant app will provide you the list of dozens of the places you want. If you want to know about the new hit movie of your favorite actor or actress, google assistant app will instantly provide you.

Here I cannot count the benefits of google assistant app. If you are wise then download it today.

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