Thursday, 30 November 2017

Snapchat apk.Learn and download today for your Android and smart phones


Are you tired of lots of chat applications? I think yes. Because, lots of chat applications have been made in this modern world. Majority of them are copies of each other except the difference in few options. But few chat applications are very amazing and totally different from others.

I want to share one of a very nice chat application with you today. Majority of people in the world are using this app. Its name is Snapchat app.

What is Snapchat app?

Do you really want to know what Snapchat app is? Then ok. I'm sure that, after knowing about Snapchat app, you will be very happy about its features.

 Snapchat app is freely available on internet. It is especially popular among the youngsters in the world. Many of its features are same as others chat apps. You can share drawings, texts, videos, and photos with the friends; but the massages cannot be seen by others after few seconds time. It's an automatic system in this app. When the message gets deleted after few seconds, only its arriving time and senders address can be seen. Actually, you have the option to set the time your message should be seen by other. The maximum time is ten seconds. You can fix the time from one to ten seconds.

Snapchat app Lenses

Snapchat app offers you a nice tool, by which you can add drawings to The pictures and add writings to the pictures before sending. This tool is liked so much by the youngsters, because they always try to do something change and especially which could make someone laugh.

Snapchat app stories

In the Snapchat app you can make a story in few minutes from the pictures and videos you have, and you can share with your friends. This feature in the Snapchat app is also so awesome. And these videos can be seen in 24 hours, and you can open them again and again. But this option is not available for other messages and picture sharing. This is great for remembering memories of joyful moments.

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