Thursday, 23 November 2017

Free Password Manager apk.Learn and download today for your Android and smart phones


 Best Free Password Manager                                                                   
This is the blessing of God for the human beings in this era that, day by day, life is getting so much easier than ever. People use internet for millions of purposes. Mostly People have so much email addresses for the marketing of their business and what so ever. Many people make many different types of accounts on the different sites on google. In these businesses, there was a big problem  for remembering passwords.

Memorizing passwords is not easy for everybody. So writing your passwords in a copy is also risky. If it gets lost then what would you do. And saving passwords in a word file or a notepad file in your PC is also risky. Because they can get deleted by any virus. So is it a really worrying thing or not? Indeed yes.

A Free Password Manager

So our software engineers have solved this problem for us by making a free Password Manager. Its Lastpass. Do you know how it works? Yes I will teach you. It is a very simple and  free Password Manager. First you download this  free Password Manager for you PC or laptop or you download its app for your mobile. Then you make an account by signing up. Then, you save all of your email addresses and their passwords in it, by clicking on the save passwords option.What you have to do is just remember the only one password of this great free Password Manager (lastpass) and forget all of your other passwords. .

Other benifits of this Free Password Manager

Its other benifit is that after installing it on your system, whenever you make an account somewhere, it will automatically give you the option of saving the password. You know that good and necessary things are not cheap and free, but this great lastpass is a Free Password Manager for us. We should be thankful to its makers. So don't wait and get the app or the extension of this Free Password Manager today and throw away the tension of passwords.

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