Monday, 9 October 2017

Google Drive apk. Learn and download today for your Android and smart phones


If a friend gives you a 15gb data storage device free. You will definitely be happy, and you will respect and love that friend. Because a USB is a very essential and useful device for every one. Google has always been a benefactor to every one in providing such virtues to the mankind. So Google Drive is also such an app in which Google gives you 15 GB free space online when you start using it.

You can save every sort of documents in your google drive and it gets saved in it. You can use it from any where and any time you want. Its not like your computers hard disk, which can burn and can be damaged by any virus any time, and any immature from your home can damage it mistakenly. Your data, from your google drive is totally under your control. No one can access it without your permission and authority. Because no one knows its password except you.

You can install Google Drive app in your systems and Androids to access it anywhere you want.
You can also share smaller and bigger size documents with whoever you want very easily and in less time.

You can search easily what you want in Google Drive

Google Drive has many nice features to make your work easy and to save your time. For example if you want to search a particular stuff among a lot of your documents from your Google Drive, then by searching its name directly in the Google Drive you can have it in few seconds.

Google Drive has the ability to open different type of files for you

Sometimes when you are eager to see a file or a doccument  and when your system doesn't open it, then your become very upset. Google Drive has got the solution for it. In that situation you can just import it to the Google Drive and it will read it for you.

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